With our quality repairs, go to great detail in colouring (disguising) every job that comes through our doors. Colour matching is included in all listed prices.

On a wave after fin repair

Fin systems and fin box repairs – We re-fit FCSII and the original FCS plug system, Futures, Single fin box systems. As you can see in the picture above, after a fin repair with us, the board is still performing.

nose damage

Nose or tail – It is a common repair at the extremity of any surfboard ie: nose and tail repairs, can be rebuilt quite nicely. Sharp edges and leaking regarding these damages are important to be fixed asap as there are dangers related to the board and the rider if left unattended.

rail damage

Rail repairs – If you have cracked, shattered, fin chopped, dented, creased, crushed or smashed rail. We can rebuild whatever your damage is back to as new condition.

board crease

Crease – In a technical sense a crease is a compression of the fibreglass resulting in lifting away from the foam or compressing down into the foam. A remedy to a creased surfboard is best not left unattended as the overall integrity of the surfboards strength is compromised, potentially resulting in further damage or even a complete snap.

sup damage

SUPs – All the above mentioned processes apply to stand up paddle boards, SUPs.

All SUP’s are of styrofoam and epoxy construction with externally applied paint systems on both counts attracting a greater repair cost. Along with this extra expense is the handling and storage issues relating to large items. Ie: SUPs and clubbie racing boards.

legrope plug

Legrope plugs – If your legrope plug is leaking, loose or completely torn out. We can re-install a new legrope plug.


We repair the most up to date composite surfboard construction systems and brands such as JS Industries, DHD, Channel Islands, Firewire.

Surfboards include – Performance shortboards, polyurethane (PU), Retro surfboards, Epoxy construction, styrofoam core, Tuflite, Firewire, Carbon construction, FibreFlex.

Longboards, mals, standup paddle boards – SUPs, clubbie boards.

Restorations – expect a minimum 1 month turnaround for this work.


Prices below are starting prices. Allow 5 to 7 days for poly and 5 to 10 days for epoxy repairs.

Surfboard ding repair
$85 poly, $115 epoxy

Half crease
$115 poly, $145 epoxy

$135 poly, $175 epoxy

Surfboard nose repair
$85 poly, $105 epoxy

Nose Crease (to 12″)
$115 poly, $135 epoxy

Nose Snap (to 8″)
$135 poly, $165 epoxy

Rebuild Tail
$135 poly, $165 epoxy

Glassed in fin
$185 poly, $185 epoxy

FCS plug (original)
$95 poly, $115 epoxy

FCS plugs (original) x 2
$155 poly, $235 epoxy

FCS fusion plug
$185 poly, $165 epoxy

FCS II box (keyless)
$135 poly, $165 epoxy

Future box
$135 poly, $165 epoxy

Standard single fin box
$185 poly, $215 epoxy

Legrope plug
$75 poly, $85 epoxy




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Front of house

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Customer Considerations

– Before you bring your surfboard in, please remove your board cover, leg rope and fins.

– Please pick up your board within 3 weeks of being repaired. Failure to do so will result in a $10 a week storage fee.

– If your board is not picked up within 4 months it will be sold back to the business.

(If unforeseen circumstances occur and you are unable to follow the considerations, please contact with details of your situation.)

Under the banner of PCC BOARDS, we are much more than just surfboard production.
This business is about a holistic approach to surfing knowledge.
If you have any questions about your design, damage, fins or your surfing accessories,
we have many years of experience to offer.
Bring your surfboard in and we’ll see if we can answer your questions.


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